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Easter Tradition

by Kerry Joyce on April 2nd

Easter Flowers

Easter flowers have been significant as part of the Christian calendar around the world for many centuries - and indeed, even for non Christian countries, flowers play a huge part in other Spring rituals and celebrations. Easter flowers celebrate the end of Winter and Lent, and the appearance of Spring, longer days, warmer times and bright nature displays! Perhaps more in tune with pagan ceremonies from the ancient world, the urge to celebrate the return to life and birth is hard wired in us all, and the beautiful fresh colours of the new Spring flowers are ideal symbols of this potent and happy time in the natural calendar.

Popular flowers for the Easter period include daffodils and narcissi for their fresh yellow and cream colours and classic shapes which always remind us of childrens' drawings.

Carnations are bright and classic, tightly wrapped and long lasting, they are a beautiful and delicate bloom which are always popular. Tulips are bold, bright and brash - endlessly cheerful and vibrant, and reminding us that Summer is around the corner! Roses are also potent symbols of the beauty of the Easter period and feature in nearly all mixed bouquets, coming in a massive range of varieties, shades and scents - including tightly budded varieties and loose fragrant varieties.

There are a huge range of Easter flowers to choose from at Clare Florist and whichever Easter blooms you choose, they are guaranteed to bring colour and life into your home at Spring.

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