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Flowers Carbon Footprint

by Dave Marshall on June 15th

A carbon footprint is a measure of the carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main man made global warming greenhouse gas. Aeroplanes account for almost 3.5 percent of the contribution to global warming.

Air transport is one of the main methods for flowers and plants to travel from one country to another as it is the quickest. It allows the plants and flowers to remain at a cool temperature and not lose as much vase life if transported by road or shipping. This speed comes at a cost to the environment and the world we live in. We belong to a population that are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment and its effects it has on us.

Global warming can result in an increase of the Earth surface. This does not sound that serious, but a slight increase can cause sea ice to melt, destroying natural habitats for animals and increasing the sea level. This in turn could cause shrinkage of forests and farm land, destroying peoples' homes and livelihoods, extinction of certain species of animals and extreme weather conditions.

The increased commercial production of plant and flowers in the UK could help combat this problem and decrease the country's need to import these items.
Commercial farmers now have the skill and technology to create tropical temperatures in greenhouses to allow local growth of exotic flowers and plants that the market demands. A conscious effort should be made to buy flowers and plants grown in the UK to help cut down on harmful gases being leaked into the atmosphere.

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