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Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

by Barry Marshall on December 24th

At around twenty metres in height, the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree 2014 creates an impressive focal point at Christmas time. Towering over Trafalgar Square, as it takes pride of place in the City of London, the Trafalgar Christmas Tree is modestly decorated with over five hundred white Christmas tree lights. Although Eco warriors can relax,
because since 2008 the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has been using environmentally friendly energy efficient Christmas Tree bulbs!

The tree itself is a 'Picea abies', more commonly known as a Norwegian Spruce. The Tree is usually around fifty to sixty years old and it is dedicated to the 'people of London' by the people of Norway, as thanks for Britain's support during World War Two. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree has been given every year since 1947 and the tradition is normally carried out in a ceremonious fashion. Visible underneath the tree, a dedication plaque is proudly displayed. Norwegian foresters tend to and care for the tree with pride and it is said that prior to being chopped down, the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, is referred to as 'the queen of the forest'. The tree is often picked months, or even years in advance and is transported by sea to England.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is traditionally unveiled on the first Thursday in the month of December. The Mayor of London leads the ceremony, which is often accompanied by Carol Singers. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree remains a magnet for Carol Singers and Christmas enthusiasts throughout the Christmas period. At the end of the traditional Christmas period the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is taken down. As in keeping with modern day societies expectations, the tree is taken away to be recycled. It is processed so it can be used as bark chips, compost and for making mulc

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