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Amateur Flower Arranging

by Brian Nisbet on June 16th

Flower arranging is no new phenomenon, but it is one that is steadily growing in popularity across the UK. We're seeing scores of amateur arranging courses and demonstrations crop up as more and more people discover the pleasure in making a humble bunch of flowers into something that is personal and often truly wonderful.

Flowers are rarely an unwelcome addition to any room, house, event or outfit. The traditional centrepiece has evolved into varieties by the million, sprucing up even the most casual of gatherings into an event. The thoughtfulness of a host that matches a centrepiece with their décor or the theme of an occasion hardly ever goes unnoticed.

Yet it's more than just adding a touch of colour and class, the practise of amateur flower arranging is really taking off as more people come to realise the tranquillity that comes with arranging flowers. Flower arranging is an incredibly relaxing activity that also provides for many a much needed creative outlet, an activity that allows you to unleash
your creativity, eye for balance, inventiveness with colour and express your personal style and taste.

Another reason for the British peoples' blossoming interest in amateur flower arranging is that it is an incredibly accessible activity. Young or old, all you need is a bit of guidance and of course, some flowers. Courses and demonstrations range hugely in price and complexity, meaning there's pretty much something for anyone who is so inclined.

Flower arranging is a wonderful, relaxing pastime that allows you to bring beauty to your surroundings. You don't need a green thumb; all you need is a little inspiration, creativity and imagination.

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