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The Chelsea Flower Show

by Barry Marshall on May 15th

The Chelsea Flower Show is the ultimate event in the gardening diary. It is a Spring garden show held for 5 days each May by the Royal Horticulture Society in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea London.

Chelsea Flower Show is part of London's social scene and is one of the most famous gardening events in the UK. The grounds of the Royal Hospital are transformed to showcase amazing plants with a wide variety of  demonstration gardens where visitors can get a glimpse of horticulture from around the world. It is a very fashionable event yet still remains practical in its aim of spreading the knowledge of all things horticulture. Latest trends are shown and viewed all over the world. It is also well known for unveiling new plants for the first time that plant breeders are proudly showing.

The garden shows always gain great attention as it is a chance for skilled garden designers to show off their knowledge and creativity. Top designers and gardening experts apply to create gardens for the show yet only the best designs are selected, making it very competitive.

The main area at Chelsea is the Great Pavilion where over 100 nurseries and other growers can show their excellent displays which feature thousands of different and brightly coloured plants and flowers.
Preparations for the show start months before, making sure the plants are grown in the correct conditions, meaning controlled temperature and humidities. The growers make many contacts in the horticultural world at Chelsea to whom they sell their plants and flowers for the following 12 months making it a very important and profitable event for commercial growers.

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