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Flowers at Halloween

Flowers at Halloween

by Barry Marshall on September 20th

Halloween is an internationally celebrated day and known the world over. Traditionally it developed from a day known as All Hallows Eve which was used to honour the Saints in heaven. However, another idea became part of popular culture. October 31st became known as a night where the boundaries between the living and the dead and the Celts used to light pumpkins to ward off spirits. The Romans on the other hand saw it as the holiday of Feralia where rest and peace had to be given to the departed by putting flowers and wreaths on graves.

Today Halloween is celebrated in the US and UK by dressing up as scary creatures and trick or treating. Traditionally homes are decorated with colourful displays and sweets. Stories are told which perpetuate the tradition such as ghost stories. A famous flower story is the one of Dolly 'Dorothy' Madison (wife of President James Madison) who refused to allow her flower gardens to be dug up even after she had died. She scared away the workers who tried to dig up the gardens and her flowers still flourish and grow today.

Flowers are not given traditionally at Halloween but they are often used as decoration.
The most popular ones include black roses for parties and so on. However, many people have baskets made up in the theme colours of Halloween such as black and orange. Today you can buy baskets of orange flowers such as tulips and roses. Other popular flowers include orange or yellow daisies, pussy willow and Scottish thistle. These flower arrangements are great at parties and for decorating houses at Halloween.

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