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About Flower Meanings

by Barry Marshall on October 28th

All flowers have different meanings and signify different occasions and feelings. Flowers can represent a person's character and personality, meaning that the type chosen should be considered. It has been said that the language of the flowers originates in Turkey where people used to spend time guessing the meanings linked to different flowers and was turned into a secretive way to communicate between lovers.

According to the French, white roses symbolise love, red roses represent passion and yellow roses mean friendship. They also believe pink roses are given for happiness and lilac roses are for love at first sight. Roses can have many meanings which are influenced by the colour and shape of the flower. There is even a blue rose that symbolises the impossible.

The lily is also another popular flower and is often a symbol of fertility and is used as a wedding flower on a regular basis. Lilies are also known as a funeral flower as it is said that the flower mysteriously appeared on the graves of people executed for a crime they did not commit. Carnations originated in the Far East and the Koreans used to believe that the flower could tell fortunes. The red carnation means love and clarity, a pink carnation means "always on my mind" and the white is for good luck.

The most common meaning of flowers is love and passion. Other flowers that symbolise this meaning are iris, chrysanthemums, blossom and tulips. There are so many different occasions to send flowers, and an arrangement can be created to represent a personal message by choosing specific flowers.

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