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Meaning of the Yellow Rose

Meaning of the Yellow Rose

by Barry Marshall on May 20th

Yellow roses are beautifully scented and cheerful flowers, famous for symbolising friendship, joy, congratulations and get well wishes. Unlike pink, red and white roses that originate from Britain, the yellow versions derive from the Middle East and were only first noted in the 18th century. Since that time the flowers have cross bred and formed hybrids, creating stronger shades of yellow over time. Another side effect of this cross-fertilisation has been the beautiful scent that yellow roses are now synonymous with.

Yellow as a colour has, throughout history, been related to the sunlight and warmth. It has also become associated with cheerfulness and rejuvenation as these colours of flowers are seen to 'brighten the room. Roses as a species of flower are also symbolically linked to love,kindness and emotion. Thus, yellow roses represent a mixed combination of the two, as they are usually linked to ideas of cheerfulness, warmth and caring. In contrast to the exclusively romantic meanings attributed to pink and red roses, the yellow rose can be a symbol of platonic or familial love and sends a message of caring and affection towards the recipient. They are usually sent in a gesture of goodwill, and have also been given in acknowledgement of good fortune, happiness and congratulations.

If you know someone who is feeling down, unwell or you simply just want to brighten up someone's day, then yellow roses are the perfect choice; perhaps like no other flower, yellow roses are sure to put a smile on their face.

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