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Extra Marital Flowers

by Kerry Joyce on August 27th

Research has shown that those people taking part in an extra marital affair in the UK spend approximately £60m a year on flowers.

Men that are not having an affair spend on average £40 a year, whereas men that have a mistress spend three times that amount. This shows an increase in the flower market and a definite increase in sales.

There are more occasions to buy flowers when an extra marital affair is occurring and of course an extra person to buy for. Flowers can be bought for so many reasons, mainly guilt towards the wife and trying to keep the mistress happy. It is also a lot easier to send flowers in a discrete way by ordering online, avoiding any secret phone calls and having to go into a florists and risk bumping into someone you may know. Some wives may associate flowers with guilt. Usually, guilt flowers are given by the husband without any reason, so he tells his partner and are sent with a card that usually says something along the lines of "just because I love you". When in fact it's the guilt that has made him send them and he felt he had to make it up to her to take away the need of confessing to anything.

On the other side of the affair is the mistress. Flowers are bought for a different reason, to keep them happy, make sure they don't feel second best and also to remain on her good side so she does not tell anyone about the affair. Just make sure the flower receipt is not sent to the home address! The increase in extra marital affairs has certainly increased the sale of flowers !

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