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Mother's Day around the World

by Brian Nisbet on March 15th

Mother's Day is a special day in every year where families set aside time to honour and pay tribute to their mothers, thanking them for everything they have done for their families. Though most countries celebrate Mother's Day, albeit on various different dates, these celebrations can be very different!

In the UK Mother's Day this year is on 15th March and is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. On this day children buy cards, flowers and small gifts for their mothers, and often either cook for them or take them out for a meal. Many families like to celebrate Mother's Day together by all meeting for a traditional Sunday Roast.

In Mexico, Mother's Day takes place in May. It's a hugely popular occasion that is celebrated throughout the country, with special events sponsored by schools, churches, cities and civic groups. The family tradition is for sons and daughters to come to their mother's house on the eve of Mother's Day, where the mothers are serenaded with mariachi bands and other types of music. On Mothers Day there are lively church celebrations, gifts, flowers and traditional Mexican meals.

In Ethiopia Mother's Day takes place over 2 or 3 days whenever the rainy season ends. Children visit their mothers, bringing ingredients for a meat dish which their mothers then prepare. Mothers and girls anoint themselves with butter, and songs celebrating the family and tribal heroes are sung.

In Yugoslavia, on the other hand, Mother's Day is very different. Here Mother's Day takes place in December, and children sneak into their mother's bedrooms tie her to her bed or a chair. She is only released when she promises to give the children presents and sweets that she has previously hidden! Spain also celebrates Mother's Day in December, and it is closely associated with the celebration of the Virgin Mary.

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