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Rose Facts

by Barry Marshall on October 24th

Roses are a particularly favourite flower of many people - and there are a huge range of gorgeous varieties to choose from with all the colours and scents imaginable. Some of these varieties are perfect for neat bouquets - think traditional Red Roses for Valentine's Day, and others are better for outdoors - such as loose petaled, heavily scented Old English varieties. However, all are beautiful and to be enjoyed!

The meaning of Roses is interesting - no other flower has inspired such a wealth of legend and meaning when gifted. Red Roses are perhaps the most traditional choice for lovers, and they are said to inspire passion and love - perfect indeed for Valentine's Day! Red Rosebuds are said to represent perfect love, and a bunch of full blooms suggests gratitude and happiness. A single Red Rose in full bloom has perhaps the simplest and most romantic meaning of all - meaning quite perfectly, 'I love you', or indeed, 'I still love you' for those couples who have been together for many years already!

However, the opportunity for meaning doesn't end there - there are combinations of coloured Roses which also have new messages! Red and White Roses together signify unity, and Red and Yellow blooms together represent happy feelings! Even more romantic, two Roses tied together into one stem indicate an engagement or wedding - one for any amorous male to be aware of if he wishes his meanings to be made clear for Valentine's Day! Other meanings can also be found in presentation - for example, removing thorns from Rosebuds denotes the absence of fear - and placing a full Rose over two unopened buds is said to mean secrecy - perhaps best avoided for Valentine's Day gifts!

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