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Christmas Tree Varieties

Christmas Tree Varieties

by Barry Marshall on August 19th

There are many varieties of Christmas Trees. Traditionally the Norway Spruce has always been considered the classic fir tree for this celebration and has certainly been the most popular. It has fallen in favour recently, however, due to the amount of pine needle shedding which is a higher volume than other fir trees. It comes in the form of the White Spruce and the rarer Blue Spruce which has a silvery colour, thick needles and a citrus scent. It has always been the White Spruce which has enjoyed popularity.

The Christmas tree is popular all over Europe and many varieties are now imported. While in the rest of Europe the tree became popular from the eighth century when pagan sacrifice to Odin's sacred oak was replaced by the fir. In the seventeenth century popularity began to take hold in the UK as Christmas became celebrated across the land and the Church of England became firmly established. Christmas trees now appear in almost every home.

In the UK, choices of tree have changed due to the inconvenience of pine needle shedding by the Spruce. Other alternatives include the Frasier Fir which holds needles well and has an attractive shape. The Scots pine is a bushy long needled alternative which also sheds less needles. But the Douglas Balsam Fraser is the best tree for shedding needles as it sheds the least. However it is not the most popular as the Nordman Fir is the most popular tree today with its strong, straight branches with thick fat needles

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