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Tulips - latin name Tulipa

by Dave Marshall on April 9th

Tulips are a beautiful flower associated with Spring, cheerfulness and, most commonly, Holland. The flower originated in the Middle East before being brought to Holland by a
Viennese botanist. Named after the Turkish word for turban, the flowers share the exotic colours and vibrancy of their homeland, despite being increasingly more common in Western

There are around 150 different kinds of Tulips and all of them are stunningly coloured and beautifully shaped. Ranging from bright purple to sun yellow, the colours are incredibly
diverse although normally monotone. A few decades ago two-toned tulips were incredibly popular, but these were eradicated when it was realised their bi-colour was due to a flower
disease. Nowadays this two-tone affect is achieved through genetic modification.

Tulips are mainly distributed across Europe by companies from the Netherlands and Germany. These distributors are flower wholesalers who mainly use an auction process to bid off
contracts for flower supply and also one-off tulip sales. The prices of Tulips normally increase in Spring as they are synonymous with cheerfulness and brightness; many Western
Europeans want them in their house during the blooming season. In North America, there are Tulip farms all over, in both America and Canada, supplying the large demand for these
cheerful and bold flowers. The world's largest permanent display of Tulips, although only open to the public in certain seasons, is in Keukenhof, in the Netherlands.

If giving Tulips as a gift, these flowers will symbolise loyalty, friendship and cheerfulness to the recipient. Whether used to brighten up a home or to cheer someone up, these
flowers provide the perfect burst of colour to every environment.

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