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Japan's florists promote 'flower power' for homes as virus spoils party
March, which marks the end of the academic and business year in Japan, is usually one of the busiest periods for the flower industry, with surges in demand for graduation ceremonies at schools, send-off parties and weddings.

Spring flowers: Why tulips grow best in cold weather
If you live in a cold climate and can’t wait to see your garden start to grow, you’ll probably be a big fan of tulips. Most other plants can't bear wintry weather, but tulips actually need cold conditions to prosper. Tulip bulbs, also known as modified roots, follow their own rules when it comes to growing. Unlike other flowers that will start to bloom as the days lengthen with the coming of spring, tulips will only start to flower when they are ready. Tulips also don’t like the heat given off by too much direct sunlight and usually won’t grow successfully unless the bulb is planted more than 8 inches deep in the soil. Taking all these picky preferences together, some people think that it’s almost impossible to grow tulips from the bulb at home.

What type of flowers to grow in different climates
If you’ve ever planted a spring garden and faced the frustration of having your hard work not pay you back with beautiful flowers, the reason could very well be that you didn’t choose the type of flowers that thrive in your climate. Follow a few basic tips and watch your garden grow.

The best spring-blooming flowers you must grow this season
The early days of spring are a tricky time for many casual gardeners. On the one hand, the weather is nice enough to get outside and start working on your flower beds. On the other, you may have concerns about what to plant and when to plant it in case of cold weather or excess rain. To help you plan your spring gardening without fear, here are some popular spring flowers that are ideal to start planting right away. With just a little work and preparation, you will be enjoying beautiful spring flowers and be the pride of your neighborhood.

No Dutch flowers for the pope this Easter as coronavirus shuts down Italy
Coronavirus has put paid to the Dutch tradition of supplying flowers to the Vatican for the pope’s Easter public mass, broadcaster NOS said on Wednesday. The Dutch have supplied the flowers for the past 35 years but this year chief arranger has decided to cancel the appointment because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Teen buys flowers for every girl in school from 6th grade to seniors
Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with love when gifts, like flowers, are exchanged between couples.

But for those who don’t have a significant other, the day could be filled with sadness when they don’t get their rose or carnation.

Jayme Wooley made sure that none of the girls at his school near Waco, Texas, would spend the day of love in tears.

These seven deadly plants, flowers and shrubs could kill you if eaten
They can cause extreme vomiting, diarrhoea and even death, so here's a useful guide to help recognise the seven most poisonous plants in the world.

Outdoors experts from have researched and revealed some of the most dangerous flowers, shrubs and trees on the planet, that can cause serious harm if ingested by humans.

Among the list are flowers Oleander and Wolfsbane, which can lead to symptoms including vomiting and erratic pulse if eaten.

Yodel spreads the love as it delivers record number of flowers this Valentine’s Day
UK independent parcel carrier Yodel has delivered a record number of flowers for Valentine’s Day, with deliveries up 1.85% on last year.

Scientists discover Neanderthal skeleton that hints at flower burial
A Neanderthal skeleton unearthed in an Iraqi cave, already famous for fossils of these cousins of our species, is providing fresh evidence that they buried their dead – and intriguing clues that flowers may have been used in such rituals.

Even in the flooding mysterious fresh flowers still appeared on the Dartmoor grave of Kitty Jay
Extreme weather and flood warnings didn't stop fresh flowers appearing on one of Devon's most famous and mysterious graves.

The tributes were placed on the grave of Kitty Jay over the weekend and a photo shows flood water running around the mound.

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