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Meghan follows royal tradition by leaving Royal Wedding bouquet on Westminster Abbey tomb
The long-standing tradition started in 1923, when the Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married the Duke of York, (the future Queen Elizabeth and King George VI). She laid her bridal bouquet on the Westminster Abbey tomb in memory of her brother, Fergus, who was killed at the Battle of Loos in 1915 during the First World War. Now, it has become tradition for royal brides to place their bouquet on the tomb a day after the wedding. The Duchess of Cambridge had also honoured the tradition, and placed her bouquet on the tomb after her wedding to Prince William in 2011.

Revealed: why one little bridesmaid is missing a bouquet in official royal wedding pictures
It is safe to say that the ten bridesmaids and page boys who played important roles at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding melted hearts as they walked down the aisle behind the bride on her big day. But on close inspection, one of the little bridesmaids wasn’t holding a bouquet of flowers like the rest – and there is a very simple reason why. Meghan's best friend Jessica Mulroney's four-year-old daughter Ivy had her hands free as she undertook her bridesmaid duties so that she could take Meghan's bouquet to hold during the ceremony.

A quarter of British streets and houses are named after flowers and trees, new survey finds

It’s that time of year when Chelsea Flower Show inspires lovers of all things gardens, plants and flowers to come out in their droves.

But it seems Brits don’t need a flower show to exhibit their appreciation of nature and gardens, as new research has revealed that a quarter of British houses (over 70,000) have monikers inspired by flowers, trees and foliage.

A Royal Mail survey has discovered there are over 100,000 British streets and houses with names inspired by plants and trees.

Royal wedding flowers were donated to an East London hospice
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have donated their wedding flowers to a hospice in Hackney. Patients at St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney were said to be "thrilled" with the surprise delivery on Sunday.

Designed by Philippa Craddock, the flowers which framed the chapel door and festooned the steps and interior were hand-tied into bouquets for residents.

"The flowers are simply stunning and our patients were both surprised and delighted to receive them," said Nigel Harding, chief executive of the hospice. "A huge thank you to Philippa Craddock and her team - and of course to the royal bride and groom."

Diana's favourite flowers adorn her son's wedding chapel
WINDSOR, England (Reuters) - White roses - the favourite flowers of Prince Harry’s late mother Diana - arched over the organ loft and West Door of St George’s chapel, where he will marry American actress Meghan Markle on Saturday.

The Best Flowers For Prom Corsage, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Spring and prom season have totally sprung. Sure, the sunny weather might suggest that summer is just around the corner, but first, you have to break out the heels instead of the bathing suits for a night you'll always remember. You've probably had dress shopping and alterations on your mind since midterms, and you can't believe prom weekend is finally here. You'll take a test and then book it to your hair appointment. The final touches, like picking out the best flowers for prom corsage, are sometimes the most important. Lucky for you, the universe has your back. Maybe you're heading off to prom with a date, or are dressing up with your besties. You're all going to look beautiful, and I'm already tearing up a bit thinking about it, like a proud mom. You'll hop in a limousine with your ladies, and take a thousand pictures before the night is over. Seriously, can you tell that my nostalgia is so real right now? Movies put a lot of hype behind prom, but can we blame them? You'll soon be telling your college roommates about your friends from home and what you wore on this day. The corsage is just a small detail, but one you won't want to look past during all of your planning. The flowers are already picked out by the stars.

The amazing anatomy of flowers revealed in iPhone pictures
Global adventurer and florist Robbie Honey shows the extraordinary beauty that can be captured with just a standard iPhone. He has spent 10 years seeking out and deconstructing some of the world's most diverse and fascinating flora, snapping pictures as he went with his phone.

The Return of Decadent ’80s Flowers
Styles from Manhattan’s age of excess — from explosive more-is-more arrangements to humble baby’s breath and tacky tropicals — are relevant again, nearly four decades later.

Potholes as Flower Pots? Brussels Protester Brightens up Damaged Roads
A Brussels man has begun planting flowers in potholes across the Belgian capital to highlight what he says is the sorry state of many of the city's roads.
Armed with a bag full of flowers, soil and a small plastic watering can, Anton Schuurmans walks around town planting daffodils or geraniums in every pothole he finds, sometimes braving heavy traffic to reach the middle of busy crossings.
"Pedestrians, bicycles, people with their cars, everybody is being annoyed by these potholes," said 29-year-old Schuurmans, standing outside Brussels' gothic cathedral, where he had just planted several flowers.

Upgrade your dessert with elegant candied flowers and citrus zest
Candying flowers may seem like a new trend, but it’s a tradition that dates as far back as the Greeks and Romans. Because sugar cane had not yet made its way to Europe, they used honey to sweeten the colorful petals of edible flowers. In addition to being a delightful treat, candied flowers also had medicinal purposes in the ancient world.
It was during the Elizabethan Era when candied flowers became very popular and were used as decorations to garnish cakes and other sweets, much like how they are used today.  They can transform any dish into an elegant affair. Violets, pansies, small roses and Peruvian lilies are all gorgeous flowers to work with. Just make sure the flowers were grown without the use of pesticides.

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