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Yodel spreads the love as it delivers record number of flowers this Valentine’s Day
UK independent parcel carrier Yodel has delivered a record number of flowers for Valentine’s Day, with deliveries up 1.85% on last year.

These seven deadly plants, flowers and shrubs could kill you if eaten
They can cause extreme vomiting, diarrhoea and even death, so here's a useful guide to help recognise the seven most poisonous plants in the world.

Outdoors experts from have researched and revealed some of the most dangerous flowers, shrubs and trees on the planet, that can cause serious harm if ingested by humans.

Among the list are flowers Oleander and Wolfsbane, which can lead to symptoms including vomiting and erratic pulse if eaten.

Even in the flooding mysterious fresh flowers still appeared on the Dartmoor grave of Kitty Jay
Extreme weather and flood warnings didn't stop fresh flowers appearing on one of Devon's most famous and mysterious graves.

The tributes were placed on the grave of Kitty Jay over the weekend and a photo shows flood water running around the mound.

Teen buys flowers for every girl in school from 6th grade to seniors
Valentine’s Day can be a day filled with love when gifts, like flowers, are exchanged between couples.

But for those who don’t have a significant other, the day could be filled with sadness when they don’t get their rose or carnation.

Jayme Wooley made sure that none of the girls at his school near Waco, Texas, would spend the day of love in tears.

Scientists discover Neanderthal skeleton that hints at flower burial
A Neanderthal skeleton unearthed in an Iraqi cave, already famous for fossils of these cousins of our species, is providing fresh evidence that they buried their dead – and intriguing clues that flowers may have been used in such rituals.

11 top tips for pressing and preserving flowers
Dried out, pressed and preserved flowers are having a moment right now, and they look gorgeous in vases, or pressed and preserved inside glass frames. However, there’s a few tips and tricks to getting pressed and preserved flowers right.

Tourists enjoy breathtaking fields of purple Margaret flowers in Thailand

Tourists pose in breathtaking fields of purple Margaret flowers in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, today (February 4).

The bright blooms have sprung up alongside rows of rainbow-coloured daisies at the Ban Na Flower Garden.

Cooler winter temperatures in the north of the country see impressive fields of flowers that draw in holidaymakers.

How to make pressed flowers: a step-by-step guide to flower pressing
Enjoy your flowers for years to come by pressing them into a wonderful display. Whether you want to keep your wedding bouquet or prolong the life of a special bunch from a loved one, a great way to cherish them is by preserving their vibrant colours and unique shape in a pressing book.

If you want to save bumble bees, plant these flowers in your yard
(CNN)Researchers have figured out which plant species bumble bees prefer to include in their diets, providing advice to those wishing to help with bee conservation efforts.

During the summer months of 2015 to 2016, authors captured bumble bees on more than 100 plant species across more than 400 plots in the Plumas National Forest in California -- a mountainous, meadowy area with wildlife habitats near running water, where bumble bees are abundant.
The findings, published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Entomology, revealed that the most popular plant species among the bees were Oregon checker-mallow and mountain pennyroyal flowers.

New study identifies bumble bees' favorite flowers to aid bee conservation
Many species of North American bumble bees have seen significant declines in recent decades. Bumble bees are essential pollinators for both native and agricultural plants, and their ability to fly in colder temperatures make them especially important pollinators at high elevation. Bumble bee declines have been attributed to a handful of factors, including lack of flowers. Not all flowers are used equally by bumble bees, and determining which flowers bumble bees use can aid bumble bee conservation by identifying the specific plants they need to thrive.

Flowering plants prosper more in the city than the country - because urban areas are bee hotspots
Flowering plants fare better in the city than they do in the country because built-up areas are hotspots for bees, a new study suggests.

Researchers have found that flowering plants find it easier to reproduce in urban areas than rural ones because they offer numerous nesting spots for bumble bees, such as wall cavities and other nooks and crannies.

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