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Root-to-flower eating is to be food trend of 2019, experts say
Root-to-flower eating is sweeping the menus of Britain as food waste worries mean chefs are using the whole plant instead of throwing away leaves. From the River Cottage to Nobu, diners can enjoy carrot tops, beetroot stems, cauliflower leaves and cucumber flowers. Vernon Mascarenhas , a vegetable wholesaler from Nature's Choice at New Covent Garden Market, said that dainty cucumber flowers are perfect for garnishing sushi and salads.

Flowers can actually hear buzzing bees and human voices
Next time you find yourself tending to your flower garden, you may want to stay quiet. The flowers are listening. The latest news comes out of Israel where scientists in the zoology and plant sciences departments at Tel Aviv University discovered how plants respond to the buzzing of bees. The plants hear bees approaching and attempt to lure them in with sweeter nectar.

Plants may HEAR gardeners talking to them, say scientists

PRINCE Charles once famously admitted to speaking to his plants to help them grow – and a new study suggests he may have been on to something. Scientists found that some flowers can hear, and use the skill to listen for the buzz of a bee's wings.

Hendrick's Gin Releases Small-Batch Exclusive Made with Lotus Blossom Essences
Hendrick’s Gin, among a growing crowd of premium modern gins, has always been forceful about its commitment to creating a gin that prides itself in ‘not being for everyone.’ Their master distiller, Lesley Gracie, has been the architect behind Hendrick’s unique flavor profile, which straddles the line between a juniper-forward dry gin and a more floral sweet gin. Their newest on-premise-only release jumps enthusiastically into the flowerbeds: Hendrick’s Gin Orbium, made with, among other things, quinine, wormwood, and lotus blossom essences.

Flowers hear bees and make sweeter nectar when they’re buzzing nearby
Evening primrose flowers can hear approaching bees and quickly make their nectar sweeter in response to the sound. Lilach Hadany and colleagues at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, collected nectar from flowers before and after exposing them to a range of sounds, including recordings of bees and synthetic noises. Within three minutes of exposure to bee sounds or artificial sounds of a similar frequency, the flowers increased the concentration of sugar in their nectar by 20 per cent on average. There was no change in sugar levels in flowers played …

The Year in Flowers
From brazen ’80s bouquets to clouds of weeds, the most decadent flower arrangements featured in T this year.

The New Floral Movement: Meet The UK’s Leading Floral Designers
We’ll be looking at bunches of blooms in a different way thanks to the new generation of florists rising up the botanical ranks. Why? Well, they’re looking beyond the buckets of cut flowers at markets and heading out into the great outdoors, growing their own flora and foliage to use in free-form designs inspired by nature. Here, three leading lights in floral design – Aesme, Juliet Glaves and Kitten Grayson Flowers – reveal how they are helping reinvent the craft.

Taking Care of Cut Flowers
Flowers are the things that give life to our house, and the things that make people happy. Flowers are very much important because of what they are. Whenever you purchase flowers, they will be most likely cut off from their root system. So it’s safe to say that they will perish quickly if you do not take care for them properly. There are ways in which you can preserve cut flowers, and you can follow this guide in order to find out how to extend their lifeline.

This Vegan Down Jacket Is Made with Flowers Instead of Feathers
Sustainable apparel collective PANGAIA recently released a limited-edition puffer jacket filled with a vegan down made from organic, dried wildflowers—a cruelty-free alternative to traditional goose feathers. PANGAIA’s scientific partners developed the down material for more than 10 years. The puffer jacket shell, which is available in red or black, is made from post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles. The jacket is part of a PANGAIA’s first apparel collection which includes t-shirts, hoodies, and track pants also made from bio-based and post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles. PANGAIA aims to create a global open-source platform for eco-innovations and connect like-minded individuals and organizations who care about the environment. PANGAIA will donate a portion of its proceeds from its first collection to nonprofit 5 Gyres, which empowers action against plastic pollution globally. PANGAIA plans to release accessories and other product categories in early 2019.

Earliest fossil flowers found in China
Textbooks tell us that the first flowers appeared about 125 Million years ago. But, in a recent paper published in eLife, Qiang Fu and his colleagues from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology have now discovered fossilised flowers, which they have named Nanjinganthus after the place where the fossils were found, that date from 175 Million years ago, placing them in the early Jurassic.

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