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Mild February Resulting in Early Flowers
Unusually mild temperatures are causing some early spring wildflowers to come to life.  Jennifer Randolph, Natural Resources Coordinator at Giant City State Park says she has already seen Harbinger of Spring in bloom at the park.  "It's a very very tiny little white flower and it's kind of got a little pinkish tint on the inside but they are very small a lot of times you'll have to look under the leaf litter," Randolph adds. Another early spring plant is the Spring Beauty.  Even though Randolph has never seen any of these Spring Beauties in bloom in February, she adds  ". . .but again, with the unusually warm weather that we're having there's a very good chance that we'll start to see them pop up soon as well."

Honeybee Buzz Literally Makes Flowers Explode With Pollen
Like many people, reader Todd Barczak is increasingly interested in where his food comes from. So he came to us with this question: "Are honeybees the only bees that make honey?"

Weird Animal Question of the Week buzzed off to find out.
Hoarding the Gold

All of the 20,000 known bee species make honey, but only honeybees make a surfeit of the sweet stuff, says Juliana Rangel, an entomologist at Texas A&M University.

There are seven species of honeybees, which include Asian, African, and European honeybees, the latter of which we mostly see in the U.S. (Related: "Obama Unveils Plan to Reverse Alarming Decline of Honeybees.")

Honeybees make extra because "they live in places where there are seasons," Rangel says, storing and living on honey in winter when there’s no nectar to eat.

How to make fabric flowers in 8 easy steps
Great British Sewing Bee contestant Jenniffer Taylor talked us through how to make these pretty fabric flowers. They can be used to make pretty brooches, hair clips or magnets - whatever you fancy! All you need is 10 minutes and they are perfect to make if you're a sewing beginner. Ready, steady, sew...

Repurpose your Valentine’s Day flowers
Hundreds of bouquets of flowers are distributed for the month of love. The vibrant colours, the smells and the sentiment behind them are wonderful, but sadly they eventually start to wilt and die. Luckily, there are several ways to repurpose those dead flowers and save them.

Top 6 flowers best grown from seed sown right into the soil
Standing in front of an extensive rack of seeds at the hardware store, I reached for the cosmos. Cosmos is different from the cosmos you may be thinking of. While you may reach for the stars, I will be happy just reaching for a packet of seeds that will provide me with a riot of colour in my garden this summer — like cosmos. Not everyone who plants gardens understands there are some enormously productive flowering plants that are best grown from seed sown directly into the garden soil. Cosmos is just one of them. It grows to just over a metre and blooms its head off in a sunny garden. Here are my Top 6 picks for flowers that perform best from seed. Now is a great time of year to buy yours. I have found if I wait until spring, many of my favourite varieties are not available.

Crafting with Dry Flowers – A Guide to Drying and Pressing
Most everything we gardeners grow is planted for a reason. We grow vegetables to feed our families and flowers to feed our hearts and souls. Gardeners who enjoy making things will also grow plants for crafting. For those interested in flexing their crafting skills, there’s no better garden investment than planting flowers that can be dried and used for crafts right next to the veggies and herbs.

Although they’re not officially a botanical category, dried flowers or “everlastings” are flowers that keep on giving long after they’ve been cut from the plant. Species within this group basically consist of flowers, leaves, seed pods, and stems that hold their shape and color well after they dry out. This trait makes them extremely attractive to the crafty among us.

One of the best things about growing dried flowers is that they lead a double life. First, you can bring them into the house to enjoy them as fresh-cut flowers; later, you can dry them for use in homemade candles, perpetual flower arrangements, potpourri, tea, cards, wreaths, soap, drawer sachets, and tons of other handcrafts.

Combat the winter blues with a simple plant, flowers
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - February is a frustrating month. Gloomy skies and cold air can put anyone in a depressed mood. What you need is a companion -- a green leafy one. Studies are showing how beneficial indoor plants can be especially in winter. And not just any study, NASA studies. The primary benefit from your green little friend is its ability to remove indoor pollutants from the air you breathe. Carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde are unhealthy and can weaken your body over time. The air in your house is recirculated in winter and those levels can increase, so removing them in an organic way is just smart. The best plant for this task is a chrysanthemum.

On the tradition of flowers as peaceful resistance
She was off to the side on the corner of 13th and I St. NW on Inauguration Day, barely visible as protesters swirled all around her.

She extended a yellow flower toward a line of cops. It might have been a begonia or a cheap plastic flower, it was hard to tell.

What was clear is that it wasn't so much an offering as one final, fed-up reminder that she was a better person than the riot cop who had just shot rubber bullets and sprayed protesters with something from a weaponized squirt gun.

The cops looked past her offering as if she wasn't even there.

I snapped a photo.

Since the '60s, when the hippies believed that love was the answer to state aggression and war, the flower has been a symbol of a quiet resistance along the protest line. It renders armed police absurd as they point their weapons someone who is not only unarmed, but gesturing kindly, peacefully.

Two famous photos from 1967's March on the Pentagon showed protesters offering flowers to the visibly nervous military police armed with rifles with fixed bayonets pointed at the crowd.

In the first photo, Magnum photographer Marc Riboud captured 17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir in a gauzy, romantic light holding up a white chrysanthemum to her lips, gazing at the soldiers as they, in turn, avert their gaze.

See Flowers in a New Light in This Hallucinatory Photo Series
As popular a motif in art history as they may be, flowers manage to get revitalized in artist Maggie West's FLORA. Exhibited at The Standard hotel in Hollywood, FLORA is a photographic series that explores flowers from a textural standpoint, transforming each floral genus included into almost alien-like surfaces despite their natural origins.

Shot using a combination of vivid blue and red lights and set against a stark black background that causes the flowers to float in an endless void, West’s photographs have a sci-fi-meets-Mapplethorpe appeal to them, the latter of which the artist references as an influence for her project. She says, “Flowers are so universal. From Robert Mapplethorpe to Irving Penn to Nick Knight, so many photographers have found a way to maintain their own unique voice in a really common subject matter.”

This Teen’s Dad Sent Their Dog Flowers And Her Mom Thought They Were For Her

Cardone told BuzzFeed News the family has had Sebastian since he was 9 months old, and he is a huge and important part of the family. “He is like another brother,” she said.

Valentine's Day 2017: Everything you need to know about buying flowers
Now that we are officially in February, it is difficult to avoid the fact that Valentine's Day is less than a fortnight away.

But are you going to buckle under the pressure and settle for a last minute bouquet or do you have the forethought to plan and get your loved one the perfect floral arrangement?
Where to buy your flowers

It might not have occurred to you, but where you buy your flowers from, could say as much about how you rate your partner as the flowers you buy. The Good Florist Guide - the only independent and fully vetted guide to best practice florists, made up of close to 200 of the UK's best florists – says that this is definitely the case, and while your loved one will appreciate that you bought them flowers at all, you could earn yourself some serious brownie points by going the extra mile and choosing the right bunch.

Thousands of flowers to be planted in West Cumbrian village
Thousands of daffodils and crocuses are to be planted in Seaton.

The parish council has arranged for the bulbs to be planted on the cycletrack banking near the village's shops.

Paul Bramley, town clerk, said: "Funding from Allerdale has enabled the parish council to arrange for the planting of 3,000 daffodil bulbs and 3,000 crocus bulbs.

"This will be augmented by snowdrops and summer flowers later in the year.

"The council hopes this will make a colourful centrepiece for the village during the spring and summer months."

How to Make a Beyoncé-Inspired Flower Arch
Yesterday, Beyoncé announced that she and husband Jay Z are expecting twins by posting an image to her Instagram account. The post quickly became the most-liked Instagram ever, and was followed by a slew of goddess-inspired maternity shots, which were released on her website this morning. The new images revealed a better look at what is clearly the initial photograph’s pièce de résistance—the multicolored floral arch.

And since that initial photograph was posted yesterday afternoon, we’ve had a lot of questions. But especially one in particular: How exactly do you make a flower arch like that? Luckily, Michael Putnam, the acclaimed florist and half of Putnam & Putnam, had some insight to share. “It looks like there are probably two ways that they could have constructed this—either with a store-bought metal arch, or by constructing their own wooden frame.” Metal frames, Putnam went on to stress by phone earlier today, are available at most nurseries and even stores like Target. It’s the right approach for someone looking to make their own flower archway, whereas at his store, they tend to construct their own wooden frames.

The next step, once you have acquired said frame? “Go in with a base greenery plant and wire it into the entire structure,” Putnam says. “Here it looks like they used ferns and eucalyptus, but you can really use any type of foliage.” Next, add in your base flowers. Putnam notes that it looks like Beyoncé and co. opted for spray and standard roses when it came to this phase of the design. “Then on top,” he continues, “you bring in your larger flowers. Here it looks like they used blush and burgundy peonies. Finally, you wire in more delicate specialty flowers, which it looks like in this case were orchids and poppies.”

Valentine’s Day Flowers: Here Are Their Hidden Messages
Flowers are one of the traditional gifts a person can receive on Valentine’s Day. Aside from the fact that they look beautiful, many flowers smell really great. And there is just something romantic about them. But do you know that Valentine’s Day flowers symbolize something? Yes, every lush bloom has a meaning behind it. Knowing a flower’s secret message can help increase the appreciation from the recipient. It can also help the giver properly convey his or her thoughts! Read on and find out what these flowers really symbolize.

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