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So THAT'S what their bloomin' names mean! As Britain bursts into life once again, here are the magical stories behind our favourite spring flowers...
Daffodils, tulips, magnolias . . . spring flowers are all getting into their prime. But do you know the origin of their names and folklore associated with them? For example, legend says that Lily-of-the-Valley sprang from Eve's tears when she was exiled from the Garden of Eden . . .

Spring's Most Covetable Fragrances Are Inspired By Freshly Cut Flowers
Florals for spring? Absolutely not groundbreaking. But this season's new fragrances are inspired by more than just pretty blooms. Imagine the fresh scent of recently cut lily stems, the green aroma of hyacinth leaves and the memorable fragrance of just-picked wildflowers. They're florals, but from root to tip - stem, stamen, leaves, soil, petals and all - and as they smell in real life, rather than a softer reimagining. From Diptyque's new Lys candle, which makes your home smell as though it's filled with fresh lilies, to Malin + Goetz's new "unfloral" eau de parfum, discover Vogue's favourite takes on the trend, and the flowers they evoke, below.

Satellites just photographed California's dazzling 'super bloom' of spring flowers from outer space
The hot, dry hillsides of southern California are normally covered in drab desert scrub. But some of them harbor a colorful secret: Millions of flowers that wait for the perfect conditions to bloom. Over the past month, the just-right combination of ample rain in December and stable cooler temperatures arrived in Walker Canyon, which is located about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. This triggered a "super bloom" of dazzling orange poppy flowers that the area typically sees only once every 10 years. Hordes of tourists have since descended upon the nearby city of Lake Elsinore, filling the roads with traffic and stuffing the hillsides to get a perfect Instagram selfie with the flowers.

21 Spring 2019 Instagram Captions About Flowers
Spring is officially right around the corner, which means that all the cute Instagram captions about spring flowers are also on the way. If you're from somewhere that gets super cold during the winter, you're probably counting down the days until the sun starts coming out and it gets warm again (I'm right there with you). The beginning of spring means a lot of things: fresh breeze, being able to lounge around outside and soak up amazing weather, getting to break your tank tops and shorts out of storage, and, of course, beautiful flowers everywhere. No longer will nature be buried under snow — you can spend time in the outdoors and appreciate your favorite gardens or hiking trails again. This also means that you can resume taking great Instagram shots outside in the sun, amidst blue skies and pretty flowers. If you're still in the throes of winter hibernation and need some caption inspiration (it's arguably the hardest part of making a new post), look no further. There's a lot to say about how pretty spring is — especially about the nature and wildlife that makes it so great. Get ready to start enjoying the greatest month of the year and check out these 20 potential spring Instagram captions about flowers to brighten up your day (and your feed).

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers
There’s plenty of showers around with wet and windy conditions dominating as Spring gets underway. Low pressure will continue to bring unsettled and cool and weather, underlining the traditional saying: ‘March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers’

The flower growers of the Scilly Isles: 'There's a bit of good fortune and a lot of hard work'

The Isles of Scilly have spectacularly good conditions for growing flowers – particularly the daffodils and other narcissi which we're now seeing everywhere. Pictures by Emily Whitfield-Wicks. Writing for Country Life last year, Michael Sissons described the Isles of Scilly as ‘extraordinary, magical place’. Miles out into the Atlantic off the tip of Cornwall, these beautiful dots on the map have long drawn visitors entranced by the promise of a holiday that’s quintessentially British yet simultaneously exotic. Tourism, however, isn’t the only thing that these picturesque isles are famous for. It’s become near-impossible to look for flowers – particularly at this time of year, when narcissi are everywhere – without seeing a ‘Grown in the Scilly Isles’ label.

International Women’s Day: How is it celebrated around the world?

International Women’s Day (IWD) is being celebrated around the world today, Friday 8 March, as people unite to champion the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality.

While the day itself carries the clear theme of female empowerment across the world, the way it’s acknowledged and celebrated differs from country to country.

Some companies offer women a half-day off work, for example, while others celebrate by giving one another flowers.

Read on to see how International Women’s Day celebrations vary across the globe.

Brexit: Will it affect the Kenyan flower trade?

As Britain prepares to leave the European Union, workers in Kenya's flower industry are closely monitoring developments. Flowers are big business in Kenya and earnings from exports have doubled in the past five years. A key export destination is the UK, which most of the flowers enter after being auctioned in the Netherlands. Growers and exporters in Kenya are asking the same question - what impact will Brexit have on the flower trade?

Flowers hear bees and make sweeter nectar when they’re buzzing nearby
Evening primrose flowers can hear approaching bees and quickly make their nectar sweeter in response to the sound. Lilach Hadany and colleagues at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, collected nectar from flowers before and after exposing them to a range of sounds, including recordings of bees and synthetic noises. Within three minutes of exposure to bee sounds or artificial sounds of a similar frequency, the flowers increased the concentration of sugar in their nectar by 20 per cent on average. There was no change in sugar levels in flowers played …

Root-to-flower eating is to be food trend of 2019, experts say
Root-to-flower eating is sweeping the menus of Britain as food waste worries mean chefs are using the whole plant instead of throwing away leaves. From the River Cottage to Nobu, diners can enjoy carrot tops, beetroot stems, cauliflower leaves and cucumber flowers. Vernon Mascarenhas , a vegetable wholesaler from Nature's Choice at New Covent Garden Market, said that dainty cucumber flowers are perfect for garnishing sushi and salads.

Flowers can actually hear buzzing bees and human voices
Next time you find yourself tending to your flower garden, you may want to stay quiet. The flowers are listening. The latest news comes out of Israel where scientists in the zoology and plant sciences departments at Tel Aviv University discovered how plants respond to the buzzing of bees. The plants hear bees approaching and attempt to lure them in with sweeter nectar.

Plants may HEAR gardeners talking to them, say scientists

PRINCE Charles once famously admitted to speaking to his plants to help them grow – and a new study suggests he may have been on to something. Scientists found that some flowers can hear, and use the skill to listen for the buzz of a bee's wings.

Hendrick's Gin Releases Small-Batch Exclusive Made with Lotus Blossom Essences
Hendrick’s Gin, among a growing crowd of premium modern gins, has always been forceful about its commitment to creating a gin that prides itself in ‘not being for everyone.’ Their master distiller, Lesley Gracie, has been the architect behind Hendrick’s unique flavor profile, which straddles the line between a juniper-forward dry gin and a more floral sweet gin. Their newest on-premise-only release jumps enthusiastically into the flowerbeds: Hendrick’s Gin Orbium, made with, among other things, quinine, wormwood, and lotus blossom essences.

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