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How a club for people who like arranging flowers has kept going for 60 years
A popular new hobby that saw more than 100 ladies queuing in Plymouth to sign up is still going strong 60 years on. The frenzy for flower arranging followed on from a successful flower show held at the Royal Assembly Hall in Looe Street. This show was organised by the Friends of Plymouth Art Gallery in 1956, and as a result of its success, and ladies wanting to learn flower arranging skills, the Plymouth Flower club was born in 1957. The subscription was 10/6d (50 pence) per annum. Daphne Jago, chairman of Plymouth Flower Club, has been a member for the past 32 years.

This California Desert Is Exploding With Wildflowers
What we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Anza-Borrego Desert is starting to bloom after getting an astonishing seven inches of winter rain this year. Promises that this typically dry terrain would boast the most colorful blanket of flowers the desert has seen since 1999 appear to be point. Here's proof!

Art of flowers is mechanical

The lastest mystery at the Queen of Crime’s home is – a mechanical flower.

The interactive art installation with some blooming credentials is the work of Forkbeard Fantasy and it has popped up in the gardens of Greenway, the former home of crime fiction writer Agatha Christie. Modelled on the spring flowers which are starting to fill the woodland garden, the pop-up interactive flower installation by has four plants on the verge of blooming – they just need a helping hand.

'Plan Bee' drone can pollinate flowers when real bees can't
With several species of bees and bumblebees on the endangered-species list, it's time for humans to help restore bee populations -- and to make sure plants still get pollinated.

Anna Haldewang, an industrial design student at Georgia's Savannah College of Art and Design, has created "Plan Bee,"a drone controlled by a smart device that artificially pollinates flowers on behalf of bees.

Some plants like ferns and mosses reproduce through spores. The rest need pollen, and most of those need help spreading it.

Where There are Flowers, You Can Find Life
It is easy to think of spring as the time of flowers. Yet, it is so much more than that, all of nature comes into its full magnificence during the fecundity of this season. Shadows deepen and become richer in their sombre darkness, they take both greater profundity and definition into their projected being. Beneath the shadows obscuring pall, the lichens burst with new life, their colors also newly painted and rich in texture and form. The leaves of this lily intoxicate all of the senses with their sheer greenness and vivacity. Spring is a multifaceted season and as one looks deeper into its many layers, the wonder of it becomes ever more manifest before these sapient eyes.

Girl receives heartwarming note and flowers from stranger who noticed her crying
A recent act of kindness has proved that compassion is not dead in the strangers we pass by.

When Twitter user Anzie Dasabe returned home in tears over a boy, a girl who lives in the same building noticed her.

Instead of approaching her then, the girl decided to leave her in peace – but the following morning she sent her a bunch of flowers and a heartwarming note.

The note read: ‘Tears in general are horrid, but tears inflicted by boys are the worst!

‘Hope these make you smile, and that everything gets better! – Rebekah’.

Air pollution is devastating UK's wild flowers turning countryside into 'monotonous green badlands'
Air pollution is having a devastating effect on Britain’s wild flowers by helping nettles, hogweed and other “thuggish” species turn the countryside into “monotonous green badlands”, major environmental groups have warned. A report by the Plant Link UK network, backed by organisations including Plantlife, the National Trust, Woodland Trust and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, found that 90 per cent of heathlands, acid grasslands and  other sensitive habitats in England were suffering because of nitrogen emissions from fossil fuels and fertilisers. Across the whole of the UK, the figure was 63 per cent.

To save the world's flora, Japanese researchers have designed a tiny drone that can pollinate flowers
A team of Japanese researchers have succeeded in using a pocket-sized drone to pollinate a flower, taking the first steps towards creating a safety net for the world’s flora as honeybees continue to die at an alarming rate.

The artificial pollinator is the brainchild of Eijiro Miyako, a chemist at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Japan. It entails attaching horsehair bristles to a remote-controlled drone the size of a power adapter, and coating the bristles with a special gel that allows them to gather pollen from flowers and distribute them as a honeybee would.

Rent-a-rose: Russian women offered chance to rent flowers for festive selfie
Ever bought a bouquet for yourself on Women’s Day just to flash it in front of friends or colleagues? Savvy Russian web entrepreneurs have now come up with an idea to make everyone around you die of envy – flower rentals.  A couple of days ahead of International Women’s Day, Russian social media got flooded with ads promoting rentals of giant bouquets. For about 500-1000 rubles ($7-17), women are offered the opportunity to have a luxurious bouquet delivered to them, and 10 minutes with it – to take a few selfies. The picture can then be posted on social media to gather ‘likes’ and spark envy, or sent to a forgetful boyfriend to make him jealous, those behind the idea write in their ads.

This ‘Girlie Glue’ Lets You Stick Flowers And Ribbons To Your Daughter’s Head
Parents! Ever desperately wanted to identify your baby as a girl by attaching a ribbon or flower to her skull, but just not had the right tools? We have the answer.

No longer will strangers be confused by the gender of your newborn as ‘Girlie Glue’ means you can safely secure pink accessories in place all day long, even if she hasn’t a single hair on her scalp.

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