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Arrestee sends police flowers for "5 star" service
An arrestee was so impressed with the police officers in Den Helder that arrested him, that he sent the police station flowers with a 5 star review, the Den Helder police said with accompanying photos on Facebook. What B. was arrested for, was not revealed. But he was certainly treated well. "Thanks for the good service,definitely five stars", B. wrote in a note sent with the flowers. "I just don't want to come back. Regards B." On Facebook the Den Helder police thanked B. for the"thoughtful present", saying they will pass his compliments on the the involved police officers. "We hope to (not) see you again. With kind regards, the Den Helder police."

Experts Share 10 Easy-To-Care-For Indoor Flowering Plants — That You Won't Kill
It's no secret that so many young people aspire to be loving plant mums. It becomes more apparent every time we walk into our friends' apartments and are greeted with a new leaf-covered tendril hanging from the ceiling or yet another succulent squeezed onto an already-crowded windowsill. Even with all the love for the plant queen lifestyle, we don't often see pops of bright-coloured flowers among all the green. According Donna Letier, CEO and Co-Founder of Gardenuity, that's about to change.

There's a Cool Planting Trick to Making Galaxy Flowers Look Truly Out of this World

It's time to step up your gardening game, and I don't mean that you need to start planting plain ol' cherry blossom trees and boring yellow sunflowers—you want some originality in your personal flower patch, don't you? Give your backyard an out of this world treatment (literally) with night sky petunias, also known as galaxy flowers.

These plants aren't just regular purple and blue petunias—they're speckled with white dots that give them the appearance of a starry night, and no two night sky petunias are alike. They're a surefire way to give your backyard garden the cosmic spark it needs.

Growing these celestial blooms can be a bit tricky, though—their patterns change according to the temperatures they're planted in, so you'll have to pay close attention to their environment.

5 places to order flowers for Dad on Father's Day — because science says everyone likes getting flowers
Father's Day is quickly approaching, which means you should probably be thinking about what you're going to get Dad. If you're not really sure, you can't go wrong with flowers. Flowers may not seem like a traditional Father's Day gift, but they should be. They're vibrant, fresh, smell amazing, and sure to put a smile on Dad's face — really, science says so. What's not to love?

This Gorgeous Flower Arrangement Is Made Entirely of Sugar!
Nothing brightens up a space like a bouquet of lush, stop-you-in-your-tracks-beautiful flowers. The colors, the shapes, the artistic arrangement—their beauty is enhanced because it is short-lived, and you know you need to enjoy them while you can. But what if you could actually EAT them?

How to press flowers
Once you've mastered this simple technique, you'll find many uses for the flowers and leaves you press. Why not embark on a craft project and decorate special cards for family and friends, create beautiful art, or make a collection of herbarium sheets recording the plants growing in your garden?

The best scented flowers and foliage
I came home late to a damp road and an empty house. In the neon glow of the street lamp, I could smell the purple honesty, Lunaria annua, their heads popping over the front-garden wall. I could smell them before I opened the gate, subtle, sweet and strong in the cool air after the rain. The house might have been dark and the fridge half-empty, but these scented plants in my front garden said, “Welcome home.”

Flower arrangement 101: How to make a bouquet from backyard flowers
Sitting at a table overlooking the lush gardens of Jenkintown’s Meadowbrook Farm, estate gardener Julie Bare begins to fill a vase. She starts with leafy greens, creating a base for an arrangement. Next are delicate white deutzia that cascade over the edges. At the center, Bare adds a cluster of purple, globe-shaped allium flowers. She threads pink and yellow snapdragons into the empty space.
“If, like myself, you’ve always wanted to do something artistic but were never good at painting or drawing, flower arranging is the perfect activity,” Bare said while cutting a snapdragon stem at an angle. “It’s really a meditative and a creative outlet.”

12 highlights from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 may be over for another year but there were so many great highlights. It takes around 8,000 people to put on the world's most famous flower show – from the gardens to the Great Pavilion and the trade stands, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to create what has been called the Glastonbury of gardening and the World Cup of gardening, in equal measure. If you can't wait for next year's event, take a look at the key 2020 dates here. In the meantime, we've rounded up some memorable moments from this year's show...

Somebody is leaving free flowers on Tube and commuters are confused
Commuters were left bemused and confused this week on their Central line train commute when they were pleasantly surprised by a gesture of goodwill.

Research Says Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home Can Actually Reduce Levels of Pain
Sending flowers to your sick or sad friend might be a universal go-to gift, but the heartwarming gesture is actually more helpful than you think. I know it may be surprising, but there are more to flowers than just a sweet smell and a pretty face—they can have some seriously positive effects on our health, too.

6 Benefits Of Having Fresh Flowers In Your Home Beyond Smelling Pretty
Like many millennials, I have a deep abiding love of house plants and flowers. It began innocently enough — One Majesty Palm tree to spruce up the corner of my living room. It quickly spiraled into a few more palms, various spider plants, Boston ferns, and orchids. I'm also a huge fan of having fresh cut flowers around the house as well. They just brighten everything up. And it goes beyond looking cheerful. Recent studies have shown that there are some really interesting benefits to having fresh flowers in your house that you might not have considered when you were picking out your plants and bouquets.

Couple organise 'perfect' wedding for just £1,000 - including church, flowers and cake
Most people dream of bringing all their loved ones together under one roof to help them celebrate their wedding day. Unfortunately this doesn't always come cheap and many have to save for years to afford everything on their wish list. But one couple managed to have the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank, spending just £1,000.

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